Plunk PPC - Pistachio Chocolate Passion

Pistacchio Plunk

caster sugar g 200
almond flour g 200
flour 0 g 200
icing sugar g 20
yeast g 20
pistachio paste g 280
butter g 200
egg whites g 640

Mix together caster sugar, almond flour, flour, yeast, pistachio paste and softened butter. Whip the egg whites and combine them gently with the knead. Pour into the moulds, previously buttered and floured and insert the oven draining ganache.

Pistachio passion cremeaux

passion fruit, pulp g 100
gelatine g 8
pistachio paste 70%  g 700
passion fruit, pulp  g    350

Soften in plenty of water the gelatine. Bring to boil 100 grams of passion fruit pulp, add the gelatine and make the first emulsion on the pistachio paste. Warm the remaining 350 grams of passion fruit pulp and finish the emulsion with no air. Cover the knead, put it in the fridge and use on the next day.

Passsion fruit draining heart

extra noir chocolate 53% g 500
passion fruit, pulp g 500
trimoline (sugar) g 40
corn starch g 24

Melt the chocolate, add the passion fruit pulp, the inverted sugar and the starch and warm the mixture. Pour it, in three times, over the melted chocolate making an emulsion. Pour it into moulds, 5 cm diameter, and put in the freezer.

Andrea Besuschio
Photo by Giancarlo Bononi

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Plunk Pistachio Chocolate Passion