Sweet macaroon

Macaroon whipping (sponge cake)

whole egg g 1.000
sugar g 500
water g 100
glucose g 50
honey g 30
salt g 5
paste to whip g 120
vanillin as needed
almond flour g 250
Amaretto flavour, drop n. 4-5
Amaretto paste g 100
flour g 500
potato starch g 350
yeast g 20

Mix the eggs with sugar, flavours, salt, the Amaretto paste, the paste to whip and all the other ingredients in the mixing machine. Without switching off the mixing machine, combine the flours and the yeast previously sifted. Raise the speed and in 4-5 minutes the mixture will be ready.
Cook at 190°C with open valve.

Amaretto sauce for dipping

water l 3
sugar g 2.500
glucose g 200
vanilla berry n. 1
Amaretto alkoholate 70% l 1

Cook the water with the sugar in a inox boiler, add the vanilla berry and the glucose and bring to boil. Keep it for 5 minutes, then switch it off. When the syrup is cool, take off the vanilla berry and combine the Amaretto alkoholate; mix well and preserve in inox, glass or plastic containers.


row almond g 950
bitter almond g 50
sugar g 3.000
salt g 5
rhubarb paste g 70
vanillin as needed
almond flavour, drop as needed
apricot flavour, drop as needed
egg whites g 800
ammonia g 3-4

Mix the ingredients with half of the egg whites and start to grind, passing them in the refiner. Store the covered bowl in a fresh place. The following day work the paste and spread it over the baking tin previously lined with oven paper. Cook at 180-190°C with close valve.

Italian Amaretto cream (cool version)

Yolk pasteurized g 350
sugar g 300
fresh pasteurised cream g 550
vanilla g 3
Amaretto paste g 250-300
Amaretto di Saronno liqueur g 250
gianduja g 1.000
cocoa paste g 50

Whip together yolks and sugar and add slowly the cream. Let whip for 5 minutes and then add the vanilla. Now combine the Amaretto paste and the liqueur. Complete with the gianduja covering and the cocoa paste, previously melted and temperate.

Italian Amaretto cream (hot version)
1st knead

fresh pasteurised cream g 150
sugar g 300
glucose g 50
vanilla berry n. 1

Cook at 114-116°C.

2nd knead
Whip well. Cook cream, sugar, glucose and the vanilla berry. When the mixture is cooked pour it over the whipped yolks. When the caramel is cooked take off the vanilla berry and pour it slowly. Whip the mixture and let cool: add the third knead, while the machine is working.

yolk g 350
sugar g 50

3rd knead

fresh pasteurised cream g 500
Amaretto paste g 250
cold Amaretto liqueur g 200

All the ingredients have to be cool. Pour the milk chocolate and the cocoa paste, both of them melted and temperate.

milk covering 
g 1.300
cocoa paste (bitter) 
g 50

Alessandro Forbicini

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