Pistachio cake

First version

pasteurised yolk g 350
sugar g 300
fresh and cold cream g 550
pistachio paste g 220
Maraschino g 110
vanillin as needed
white covering g 1.000

The fresh cream can be mixed or completely replaced with the vegetable one: both the cream and the liqueur must be cool, while the white covering has to be at room temperature.

Second version

sugar g 300
fresh cream g 150
glucose g 30
pasteurised yolk g 400
sugar g 150
fresh cream g 500
pistachio pasta g 200
vanilla as needed
Maraschino g 110
white covering g 1.100
cocoa butter g 50

In a small mixing machine whip the yolks, which could be fresh or pasteurised, with the sugar until a soft cream is obtained. Cook the cream with the sugar and the glucose at 116°C, wetting the inside of the bowl with a water soaked brush. When it is cooked, remove the mixture with cream and sugar, then pour it slowly over the well whipped yolks. Let whip for 5-6 minutes and then pour (ever with the machine in action) the cold fresh cream and wait for 4-5 minutes. Then add the pistachio paste, previously drained from the oil and combine well. Next add the vanilla and the cool Maraschino and at last add the temperate white chocolate. Let it well combine.
With this recipe you obtain a green cream. If you want a more intense colour, you can add some green covering to the white one.

Maraschino soaked

water l 6
sugar g 5.000
glucose g 300

Boil the syrup and when it will be cool, add

Maraschino l 2

This mixture which will used to soak the cakes, has to be kept in glass or inox steel containers.

Pistachio egg whipped

egg g 1.000
water g 200
sweet peeled almond g 100
bitter peeled almond g 30
sugar g 500
pistachio g 150
glucose g 80
paste to whip  g 110
salt g 6
vanillin ¼ spoon
pistachio flavour, drop  n. 5-6
pistachio paste g 120
flour g 350
potato starch g 300
yeast g 20
melted cool butter g 50

Grind sweet and bitter almonds, sugar and pistachios in the refiner. Make the whipping putting in the mixing machine the eggs and the water, then add the dry fruits and the sugar previously ground, the glucose, the paste to whip, the salt and the flavours. Add the sifted flours and the yeast, control the speed of the machine and while it’s working add the pistachio paste and the butter, at last. Pour the mixture in the moulds, previously greased, and cook at 180°-190°C with open valve for about 25 minutes.

Alessandro Forbicini

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