Spare time

Chocolate Biscuit

yolks g 350
sugar g 300

Combine gently

flour g 75
starch g 75
powder cocoa g 75

Whip and combine

egg white g 375
sugar g 60

Melt and combine

butter g 150

Cook at 240°C.

Insertion of raspberry jelly

raspberry  g 250


gelatin in sheets, soaked and strained g 10


raspberry g 250
sugar g 150

Strain in the 1 cm tall circle moulds, and drop the temperature.

Manjari chocolate mousse

Cook at 120°C

water g 120
yolks g 180

Combine whipping and cooling

yolks  g 240
whole eggs g 120

Stir vigorously

cream g 200
Manjari chocolate melted at about 50°C g 650

Combine the two mixture with

cream g 600

Mascarpone mousse
Cook at 120°C

water g 30
sugar g 45

Combine whipping and cooling

yolks g 60
whole eggs g 25

Melt and combine

gelatin in sheets, soaked and strained g 4

then mix gently

cream g 250
mascarpone g 250

previously whipped together.

Chocolate mirror icing

water g 250
sugar g 300
cocoa g 100
cream g 200

Bring to boil until 106°C and add

gelatin in sheets, soaked and strained g 15

Cover the inside of a mould, 4 cm tall, with the plastic wrap and put on the bottom a disk of chocolate biscuit. Fill with the mascarpone mousse until reaching 2/5 of the height. Cover with a 1cm thick disk of raspberry jelly. Then pour the Manjari chocolate mousse and level. Before icing with the cocoa mirror ice, drop the temperature.

Flower in caramel sugar

Rossano Vinciarelli

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