Farnese melody

Pralinéted sponge cake

egg g 325
sugar g 225
caramelled almonds - in powder g 100
almonds’ grain - tosted g 50
flour g 200

Whip the eggs with sugar, add the almonds and the flour and cook as usual.

 Chocolate Mousse

yolks g 20
sugar syrup at 32°bè g 500
fondant chocolate at 64% of cocoa g 1.200
shine whipped cream g 2.000

Whip the yolks, pour on the hot syrup and whip in a double boiler. Swiftly cool, add the cream, and then, the chocolate, paying attention not to make lumps.

Pralinéted almond Bavarian

milk g 500
yolks n. 8
sugar g 200
vanilla berry n. 1
pralinéted almonds paste g 200
whipped cream g 1.000
jelly sheets n. 8

Whip half of the sugar with the yolks, putting the other part in the milk. Keep the milk boiling with the vanilla, add the whipped yolks and cook at 85°C; cool and add the almonds paste, the whipped cream and, at last, the jelly previously soaked

Wafer and almonds crunch

almond paste g 400
milk chocholate g 200
butter g 50
wafer g 130

Mix all the ingredients together, bring at the thickness of 4mm and put in the freezer in the circles with a diameter smaller than that used for the cake.

Put in the circles the sponge-cake just soaked on the bottom, cover with chocolate mousse, a layer of wafer crunch and at last the pralinéted almond Bavarian. Freeze and, when it’s cold, sprinkle with chocolate and cocoa butter at 50%. Garnish at will, maybe with serigraphed chocolate fragments and fresh gooseberry.

Aldo Scaglia
Pasticceria Falicetto

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