Chocolate entremets

Hazelnut cream cake
Make a custard with

cream 35% g 1.000
yolk g 300
sugar g 250


Piedmont I.G.P. hazelnut paste g 350
Micryo g 60

When the mixture is obtained, put it in the circle with the hazelnut cous cous and cocoa grue below, place over a cocoa biscuit and freeze.
Piedmont I.G.P. hazelnut cous cous and cocoa broad beans
Combine in the mixer and sandblast

flour g 200
fcorn meal g 200
sugar g 150
palm sugar g 150
butter g 350
Piedmont I.g.p. hazelnut flour g 300
yolk g 80
baking g 4
lemon rind g 6
cocoa grue g 150
vanilla beans n. 2

Put a thin layer in the moulds and cook for 20 minutes at 150° C. Let it cool and chabloner.

Brown sugar caramel
Dry candying

cassonade sugar g 200

When the caramel is obtained, pull it between two Silpats with the rolling pin, let it cool, crumble it and place it over the cocoa biscuit.

Bitter biscuit
Pour in the cutter

marzipan paste g 400
egg g 125
yolk g 300

Add slowly

extra bitter cocoa g 24
flour g 24
pomade butter g 24

Whip and combine

egg white g 84
sugar g 56

Cook at 190° C for 7-8 minutes in the moulds.

Cocoa glaze 
Boil at 104° C

water g 1,100
cream 35% g 1,000
cocoa g 500
sugar g 1,100
glucose g 500

Cook at 190° C for 7-8 minutes in the moulds.

Soften and combine

gelatine g 50

Put the gelatine when the mixture is lukewarm and cover it with film.

Tahiti vanilla cream
Cook at 85° C

cream 35% g 500
Tahiti vanilla g 6
yolk g 120
sugar g 75
Micryo g 40

When the product is obtained, place in the mould over the caramel and over a disc of cocoa biscuit. Freeze, remove from the moulds and place inside the cake.  

Tanzanie 75% Mousse
Cook at 85° C

fresh milk 3,5% g 175
yolk g 50
sugar g 50
Pour over
Tanzanie 75% covering g 200
hazelnut paste g 50

Whip and combine

cream 35% g 350

Fabrizio Galla

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