Chocolate sweet saltimbocca

Basic custard

liquid cream g 100
milk g 90
yolks g 35
sugar g 25

Warm cream with milk, then mix the yolks previously blended with sugar and combine all the ingredients. Cook at 85°C and pass through the strainer. Use immediately or put o a side cooling it quickly.

 For the fondant

basic custard g 25
Araguani 75% Chocolate g 14

Pour the hot custard over the chopped chocolate and emulsify until a smooth, shining and flexible texture is obtained. Pour it into the moulds.

Cocoa and chocolate Sacher biscuit

Provenza almond paste g 215
sugar g 60
yolks g 100
whole eggs g 80
sugar g 60
flour  g 50
cocoa powder g 25
extra paste cocoa g 50
butter g 50

Mix the almond paste with 60 g of sugar, then combine the yolks, the whole eggs and the remaining sugar. Sift cocoa with flour. Melt the paste cocoa with butter and combine with the almond paste. Add the whipped yolks and the sifted powders. Cook in a baking-tin at 180°C for about 7/8 minutes.

Raspberry gelatine

raspberry puree g 500
sugar g 100
agar agar g 4
pectin g 6
citric acid g 15

Warm raspberry puree with sugar, pectin and agar agar. Bring to boil and add citric acid. Pour over a tin and let it cool.

Sage zabaione

yolls g 100
sugar g 25
Matusalem rum g 15
sage as needed

Combine sugar and rum and let it simmer for some minutes. Remove from the heat, combine the sage leaves and let in infusion for about 7-8 minutes. Whip yolks with sugar, add the filtered rum and whip like a classic zabaione.

Elio Sironi
Executive chef

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