Soft caramel

glucose DE 38 g 65
sugar g 335
sorbitol g 20
lightly salted butter g 165
cream g 65
whole milk g 65
vanilla pod n. 1

Caramel sugar with sorbitol and de-cook with butter, then put the hot cream and the vanilla milk. Cook all the mixture at 118°C mixing continuously with a spatula. Pour immediately inside a buttered square – 360 mm length, 270 mm width, 6 mm thickness – and placed on a siliconized sheet.

 Peanut gianduja

hazelnut paste g 300
milk g 350
salted and minced peanuts g 50

Temper the chocolate at 30°C, mix to the 17°C tempered hazelnut paste, then add the peanuts. Let harden for several hours. Cut some squares of 22,5 mm side.

Lorenzo Zuccarello

Collegno, To

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