Three-end dessert armony

 Bio celery jam

bio celery, blended g 600
bio sugar g 100
bio grape juice g 90

Bring the mixture at 60°Brix, pour into hot jars and close immediately. Match with seasoned fossa cheeses.

Vanilla cream small glass with fresh apricots soaked in orange and lemon rinds
Vanilla cream

fresh milk g 250
sugar g 30
pasteurized egg yolk g 15
vanilla pod n. ¼
gelatine, sheet g 3


ripe but firm apricot small cubes g 300
grated lemon n. 1
grated orange n. 1
Grand Manier g 30
sugar g 30

Marinate the ingredients for two hours and drip in a strainer, then place in the small glass. Add some fresh figs cut in slices.

Roberto Rinaldini

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