Malpaso cocktail

cream gelato g 30
expresso coffee cl 3
Disaronno cl 1
Calvados cl 4

In the blender prepare with a little crushed ice and serve in a large sundae cup; decorate al will.
Disaronno is the Amaretto liqueur produced in the historical estabilishment of Ilva Saronno and made from almonds infused in alcohol. Often it is homemade and its origins date to 1500.
Calvados is made from the distillation of apple cider (which in turn is obtained from the fermented juice of the fruits), aged for at least two years in oak barrels. Although it does not appear in codified international cocktails, it is ideal for mixed drinks because it gives character to liqueurs and fruit juices. It is also the name of the French region of lower Naormandy where it is produced.

Roberto Bianchi
Photo Remo Caffaro

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Malpaso cocktail

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