Matcha green tea gelè

water g  300
sugar g 50
Lota*  g  1,6
Matcha green tea g  4,5
lemon zest g 0,3
lemon juice g  10

Combine water, sugar and lota (all the ingredients are cold) and mix for some minutes. Bring the mixture to boil and pour in a graduated decanter. Combine zest, tea, juice and ginger and mix everything. Store in the fridge. Mix to soften the gel when it’s time to serve.
*It’s a gelatine obtained from North Atlantic red seaweeds, with the property to create a soft and flexible gel.

 Victoria pineapple

Victoria pineapple n. 1
brown sugar g  50
ginger, grated  g  10
lemon zest g  3

Clean the pineapple, then cut in small cubes and combine all the other ingredients. Vacuum-packed everything and cook in a bain-marie at 65°C for about 30 minutes. Store for the night in the fridge.

 Ginger liquid (Ferran Adria inspiration)

whole yoghurt g  125
icing sugar  g  20
ginger, grated g  3,5

Grated ginger into yoghurt and add sugar. Let pickle for some minutes and then let it curdle in the alginate based water.


liquid cream g 250
milk g 250
yolks g 100
sugar g 50

 Creamy Caraibe 66%

English cream g 500
Caribe 66%  g 200

When the English cream is hot and passed through the strainer, emulsify the chopped or melted chocolate with a spatula to obtain a smooth, flexible and sparkling texture. To make the emulsion perfect, blend the mixture paying attention not to incorporate air, then work at a temperature above 35°C (max 45°C) and store in the fridge.

 Matcha green tea water ice

water g 750
syrup 30°Bé g 180
Matcha green tea  g 30
lemon juice g 15
gelatine g 4
ginger zest g 2
lemon zest  g 1

Bring the water to boil and add the Matcha green tea. Combine the other ingredients and check the flavours balance. Pour into a rectangular container and freeze for at least 12 hours. Break coarsely the mixture, then put in the cutter and chopped it. The final product is granulated.


Red cocoa butter
Shining gold
With the fingers, rule roundly the colouring at 30,5°C on a pvc sheet. Let crystallize and paint with gold in powder. Let place the crystallized covering and then cut in squares of different measures (2,5x2,5 – 3,5x3,5).
With the help of a sac-à-poche make some arabesques on the plate with the green tea gel. Put the creamy in two sac-à-poche with smooth mouthpieces n. 8 and 14. Put the creamy inside the arabesques. Place the pineapple in an irregular way and, at the end, add the ginger gelatine. Place the decorations over the creamy and serve it with the water-ice.

Gianluca Fusto for Valrhona

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