Angel – the interpretation of a perfume by Thierry Mugler

Toffee cream

cararmel g  200
cream g  500
gelatine sheets n. 2

Toffee preparation: starting from a ready caramel, dilute the cream, add the gelatine and, until it’s hot, cover the bottom of a soup plate and let rest in the fridge until a firm texture is obtained.

 Red fruit and Tahiti Vanilla sorbet

red fruits g 1.000
Tahiti vanilla, stick n. 1
water g  200
sugar g  200
stabilizer g  7,5
atomized glucose g  30
dextrose g  50
inverted sugar g  g20

Sorbet preparation: Bring to boil water with inverted sugar and the vanilla stick. Before it boiling combine the other ingredients and pasteurized them. Make a puree with the red fruits and mix to the rest. Blend the mixture and store it in the freezer at –20°C.

 Rose gelatin

water rose g 200
agar-agar g 1

Bring to boil a small amount of the rose water with agar agar, mix with the rest and lay on a tray until a 1,5 cm thickness is obtained. Let it solidify and then cut in small 1,5 cm cubes.

 Bergamot sauce

bergamot juice g  100
TPT syrup g  100
bergamot rind, grated as needed
agar-agar g 2

Bring agar agar with grated rind and syrup to boil, then mix with juice and let solidify. When it’s cold put in the mixer to obtain a sauce.

Honey gelatin

honey g 150
water g 50
gelatin sheets n. 2

Bring honey to boil, add water, dilute the gelatin and let solidify.

 Violet jam

sugar g 100
water g 100
fresh violets g 20
pectin g 10

Other: raspberries and chocolate covering
Bring water with violets and 75g of sugar to boil. Mix the remaining 25 g with pectin and add them to the water, always mixing. Let reduce until a jam texture is obtained.


Grate a bit of covering in the center of the plate in which the toffee has placed and put around it two halves raspberries on every sides. Put on the side of each raspberry a small cube of rose gelatin, a bit of honey gelatin and a bit of bergamot sauce. Put over the covering a red fruit and vanilla sorbet quenelle.

Jordi Roca

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