Chocolate harmonies

Chocolate and hazelnut crunchy

small puff pastry g 225
cocoa bean crumble g 40
Lacruz covering milk g 75
hazelnut paste g 75

Melt the covering, combine the hazelnut paste, blend and finish with small puff-pastries and cocoa bean crumbles.



Rum sauce

water g 200
water g 150
rum g 50

Combine the three ingredients and mix.

Fondant chocolate Bavarian

milk g 250
Sarbav (gelatine for Bavarian) g 50
Ovoplus (50% sugar and 50% yolks) g 125
Ecuador fondant chocolate g 225
semi-whipped cream g 375

Bring the milk to 60°C, combine the Sarbav and mix. Put the Ovoplus, the semi-melted chocolate and blend. Pour the whole mixture on the semi-whipped cream.

Hazelnut Bavarian

milk g 500
Sarbav g 100
Ovoplus g 250
hazelnut paste g 100-150
semi-whipped cream g 750

Bring the milk to 60°C, combine the Sarbav and mix. Put the Ovoplus, the flavored paste and blend. Pour the whole mixture over the semi-whipped cream.

Put on the bottom of the monoportion biscuit or chocolate sponge cake, the crunchy and then press down and cool.
Fill half of the mould with the chocolate Bavarian, combine the chocolate biscuit, wet and complete with the hazelnut Bavarian. Lower the temperature, remove from the mould and ice respectively with dark mirror chocolate ice/glaze, pralinated and white. Garnish with chocolate and SugarPlus motives/patterns, fruit, vanilla pod…

Sarbav is a stabilizer for Bavarian desserts, that maintains their structure soft and creamy. The selection of gelatine that composes it allows for a quick and simple making of the sweet, so that it doesn’t thicken quickly.
Ovoplus is composed by pasteurized and 50%-sweetened egg yolks, with a high whipping power.
SugarPlus is an innovative product similar to Isomalto but with a higher hygroscopic power, more brilliance and clearness.

Emanuele Saracino


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