Exotic cremoso with mango and lime fruit-salad
(for 30 glasses)

When you have prepared everything you need, the creams and the fruit salad, move on to the filling of the glasses.
Start by pouring an initial part of exotic cremoso, insert a sponge cake disc and distribute the fruit-salad. Then freeze momentarily and carry on with another layer of exotic cremoso. Close with the film and freeze until you need to serve it. Garnish the top part with almond crunchy and exotic fruit.

Lime sponge cake

almond flour  g 150
sugar g 150
filangé lime n. 1
yolks g 100
whole egg g 100
flour 00 g 120
egg white g 260
sugar g 100

Pass very thinly the almond flour, the sugar and the lime rind through the refiner. Put in the mixer machine to whip and add the yolks and the eggs slowly until a light and whipped knead is obtained. Add with the spatula the sifted flour and the egg whites previously whipped with the sugar. Drain and cook at 200°C for about 12 minutes, open valve.

Exotic cremoso

pineapple pulp g 1.200
passion fruit concentrated pulp g 200
rice starch g 15
sugar g 320
yolks g 320
160 bloom gelatine g 5
old rum 45% vol. g 20
pomade butter g 100

Cold work a freddo the starch with the pulp fruit, bring to 60°C and add to the previously whitened yolks together with the sugar. Bring to 85°C, combine the previously purified and squeezed gelatine, let it cool a little and finally insert the liqueur and the butter in pieces. Mix it all and strain.

Mango and lime fruit salad

mango in cubes g 750
sugar g 75
butter g 20
filangé lime n. 1
mango pulp g 75
sugar g 20
gelatine 160 bloom g 3,8

Heat up the mango cubes, the sugar, the butter and the lime rind; cook until the fruit is well dry. Warm up the mango pulp at 40°C, add the sugar and the gelatine previously purified in cold water.
Mix well and combine with the cooked fruit. Lay it down immediately.

Suggested match: lime grape served fresh
Mavrodaphne (spiced wine)

Luca Mannori
Photo by Giancarlo Bononi
The recipe is published in the book “Like Music – Pastry elements” – by Chiriotti Editori

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