Cocoa crunchy

icing sugar g 60
flour g 50
bitter cocoa g 10
corn starch g 100
egg white g 125

Prepare a batter with all the listed ingredients, pour it – with the help of a bag – in boiling oil at 175°C, so that crunchy wafers form. Drain and dry up on absorbing paper.

Espresso coffee cream

fresh whole milk g 1000
espresso coffee g 600
fresh cream 35% g 600
skimmed powder milk g 190
dextrose g 425
inverted sugar g 60
sugar g 180
neutral mix for gelato g 16

Mix and heat up the milk with the espresso coffee, the cream, the powder milk and the dextrose. At 40°C, combine with all the rest and cook up to 85°C. Let it cool quickly until 4°C and let it mature for 6-12 hours in the fridge. Whisk and keep at –18°C.

Crunchy crumbles

sugar g 350
dark brown sugar g 150
raw almond, finely refined g 500
orange rind, finely grated n. 1
lemon rind, finely grated n. 1
butter g 500
flour g 500

Mix all the ingredients, make some loaves and quickly freeze at –18°C. Put in the cutter and reduce in crumble. Keep in the fridge. When required, sprinkle the mixture into the moulds and cook at 150°C for 20-25 minutes with open valve.

Pralinated almond cream

custard g 500
almond praliné 50% g 200
gelatine g 8
whipped cream g 600

Mix the custard with the almond praliné, add the cream, melted in a bit of cream, then the rest of the cream.

Soft coffee ganache

fresh whole milk g 150
fresh cream 35% g 350
nescafè g 4
glucose  g 50
fondant Equatoriale 55% covering g 700

Bring to boil the first ingredients, slowly pour on the thinly chopped covering and mix with a soft spatula until a smooth and shine emulsion is obtained. Let crystallize in the fridge.

Pour the glass the almond pralinated cream, then the soft Equatorial ganache; place the crunchy crumbles, the candied orange cubes and finally some espresso cream gelato. Garnish with cocoa crunchy and golden leaf.

Leonardo Di Carlo
Photo by Giancarlo Bononi

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