Sweet for two

Soft pistachio macaroon

egg whites g 300
sugar g 100
icing sugar g 260
ground almond g 200
ground pistachio g 100
Bronte pistachio g 50

Whip the egg whites with the icing sugar. Gently combine the dusts using a spatula and make the disks. Spread with Bronte pistachio.

Cherry sauce

cherry pulp g 450
sliced cherry g 100
sugar g 150
pectin g 45
lemon n. 1/2

Mix all the ingredients and bring the mixture to boil. Combine the lemon juice and pour into the moulds. Put in a blast chiller.

Tiramisu cream

yolks g 140
eggs g 60
sugar g 260
water g 50
gelatine sheets n. 4
mascarpone cheese g 500
cream g 200
whipped cream g 300

Combine yolks, eggs, water and sugar; bring the mixture at 84°C and whip. Combine the gelatine previously soaked and melted, the whipped cream with mascarpone and, finally, the whipped cream.

Assembly and garnish
Prepare some moulds - 7 cm diameter and 10 cm high - and pour a first layer of cream; then add some macaroon, another layer of cream with the frozen cherry sauce and close with macaroon. Put in a blast chiller. Spray the dessert with white chocolate and garnish with some sauce and a cherry with golden leaf.

Riccardo Magni
photo by Mario Spreafico

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