Mascarpone biscuit

egg yolks g 100
sugar g 45
eggg white g 90
sugar g 35
mascarpone g 120
fleur de sel g 1
lemon rind n.1/4
flour g 20
starch g 40

Blend the egg yolks with 45 g of sugar and mix well. Mix the mascarpone, the fleur de sel and the grated lemon rind. Slowly combine the first mixture with the second one and then add the sifted flour and the starch. Prepare a meringue with the egg whites and 25 g of sugar. Combine with the previous mixture and mix. Cook in the oven at 180°C.

Red sauce

mineral water g 180
icing sugar g  32
lemon rind n.1/2
gelatine powder g 3
frozen strawberry g 80
frozen raspberry g 64
frozen redcurrant g 24
frozen blueberry g 24
Maraschino g 22,4
balsamic vinegar g 9,6

Warm the mineral water, the icing sugar, the lemon rind and bring to boiling point. Add the gelatine previously melted in water in five times as much water. Sift and add the frozen fruits. Join the Maraschino and the balsamic vinegar. Pour all the ingredients in 40 mm wide and 20 mm tall flexipan moulds, then put in the freezer and let them harden.

Mascarpone cream

icing sugar g 101
mineral water g  45
egg yolks g  122
gelatine powder g  8
Mascarpone g 405
cream 38% m.g. g 135
Maraschino g  36

Prepare a syrup with the icing sugar and the mineral water, pour over the egg yolks and bring to 80°C, to obtain a pâte à bombe. Add the gelatine previously melted in water in five times as much water. On a side, whip the Mascarpone until it reaches a creamy texture and join to the previous mixture made of Maraschino. Whip the cream and incorporate to the mixture.

Maraschino Glaze

neutral g  90
maraschino g  15

Pour the red sauce in flexipan moulds and put in the freezer to solidify.
Lay a silpat sheet on a base, place some rings over it and pour in each of them the mascarpone cream until it reaches half the height. Carry on with a layer of solid red sauce and another one of mascarpone cream. Continue with a circle of mascarpone biscuit, not as wide as the ring. Cover with another silpat and a base and press lightly.
Put the desserts in the freezer to harden. Then remove them, sprinkle their surface with Maraschino glaze and garnish with raspberries, blueberries and chervil leaves.

Noboru Amanuma

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