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Walnut sablé, oven cooked candied pears, gorgonzola veloutée and fleur de sel caramel

Walnut sablé

butter g  1.200
salt g 20
icing sugar g 500
walnut tpt g 500
eggs g 400
flour g 500
flour g 1.500

Smooth the butter and add the icing sugar, then blend in the eggs previously mixed with the salt. Combine the tpt, then the flour, without blending too much. Wrap the dough in plastic and put in the fridge for three hours. Spread the dough in a thin sheet of 2,5-3 mm, cut it into discs and line the moulds. Fill with pears and bake at 180°C.

Candied pears

pears cubes n. 10
brown sugar g 100
vanilla pod n. 1
liquid butter g 100
grounded walnuts g 200

Candy as usual

Gorgonzola veloutée

gorgonzola g 500
light whipped cream g 500
sugar g 250
water g 75
egg yolks g 80
gelatine g 10
grated orange n. 1

Whip the cream; mix the gorgonzola with the herringbone in the planetary mixer, to obtain a creamy mixture, then blend. Bring water and sugar to 121°C and pour them over the egg yolks, already slightly whipped in the planetary mixer. Continue to mix up to 40°C; blend the frothy mixture with the first dough and finally combine the orange grated rind.

Fleur de sel lemon scented caramel

sugar g 250
cream g 350
vanilla pod n. 1
flower salt g 6
gelatine g 4

Boil the cream with the vanilla and the fleur de sel, melt with dry cooked sugar in a copper saucepan, and let it evaporate to remove the free water.

Roberto Rinaldini
- Rimini
Photo by Elisabetta Acquaviva

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The forties - New Look