Liquid ravioli, half-cooked pigeon chest, Lambrusco wine reduction with butter and powder sage

Veal bottom part

carrot g 200
onion g 200
celery g 100
veal bone kg 1
Lambrusco wine, bottle n. 1
concentrated tomato g 80
flour g 80
agar agar  g 1

Prepare a classic veil bottom part and let it reduce until 200 g of product is obtained. Let it cool and then combine the agar agar and bring to boil by whipping. Pour the mixture in semi-sphere moulds and cool it in the blast chiller. Remove from the moulds.

Lambrusco reduction

sugar g 100
Lambrusco wine g 400
clove g 2
cinnamon, stick g 2
black pepper g 2
juniper berry g 2

Bring to boil all the ingredients previously combined in a flat bottom pan, let them cook slowly until a thick syrup is obtained. Pass into a strainer and freeze. Store at room temperature.

Butter and sage powder

butter g 20
tapioca maltodextrin  g 15
fresh sage, leaves g 50

Melt the butter with the sage leaves, then in a pan and let them cook slowly for 3-4 minutes. Make an infusion for about 30 minutes, then pour and add the tapioca maltodextrin with the help of a whip. Keep at room temperature to dress the ravioli.

Egg pasta

whole egg n. 1
yolk n. 6
flour 00 g 500
olive oil g 15
water g 100
salt g 4

Combine water, eggs, yolks and oil, lightly mix without whip the knead and add salt and pepper. Prepare a fountain with the flour and combine the knead, previously prepared, and slowly add the flour in the centre of it. Mix for about 10 minutes until a smooth and homogeneous knead is obtained. Wrap it in the film and let it rest for 1 hour before use. Prepare the ravioli by using the veil bottom part semi-spheres, previously prepared, and cut them with a round pasta strainer (4,5 cm of dimension).
Keep in the fridge.

Ingredients for the last part of the recipe

pigeon brest n. 4
veil bottom part ravioli n. 12
olive oil as needed
salt as needed
pepper as needed
maldon salt as needed
concassè tomato  as needed
herbs for decoration  as needed

Salt and pepper the pigeon chest, then half-cook them in a pan with olive oil and later pass in the oven. In the meantime cook the ravioli in salted water, strain them and dry with blotting paper. Cook the pigeon chests as escalopes and dry it with blotting paper. Paint the wine reduction on the plates and place the pigeon chests and the ravioli. Season with the maldon salt and the powder sage butter. Garnish with the herbs and the concassè, then pierce the ravioli and the pigeon together with a tooth-pick and serve.

Giovanni Grasso and Igor Macchia
La Credenza, San Maurizio Canavese, To
Photo by Stefano Fusaro

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