Cheese and Norcia black truffle savoury Roman pizzas

Biga – 1st knead

flour for yeast g 500
pressed yeast g 80-100
milk g 270

Make the knead and then shape a sphere. Make a cross cut and let leaven. The biga will be ready in 30 minutes. Combine the 2nd knead.

2nd knead

flour for yeast g 800
egg n. 2
yolk n. 6
sugar g 50
butter g 50
whole biga g 850
milk as needed

Made the knead let it leaven at 28°-30°C.

3rd knead

flour for yeast g 800
egg n. 4
yolk n. 8
salt g 5
dextrose g 75
butter g 450
mother yeast g 1.200
milk as needed
all the 2nd knead g 2.400

Put the natural yeast with some milk, some of the eggs and the dextrose in the mixing machine: turn on it and then add the flour, the 2nd knead, part of the butter and the salt. Let knead the mixture and add the remain ingredients, controlling the right texture with the milk to obtain a well smooth paste.
Let leaven at 28°-30°C with the right humidity. When the volume triples go on with the general knead.

General knead

flour for yeast g 2.000
wholemeal flour g 200
yolk n. 20
egg n. 10
olive oil g 300
butter g 300
malt powder g 45
salt g 80
improver powder g 50
milk powder g 50
milk or water l 1
dextrose g 40
sugar g 40
truffle flavour 2 cap
cheese flavour 1 cap
Barolo wine g 300
white pepper g 25
grated Parmesan g 500
hot Provolone cheese, cubes g 600
ruffle cheese, cubes g 1.200
grated Norcia black truffle g 50

This savoury knead has to be made in 4 steps, spaced out from rest time and leaven time. If you start the working at 5 in the morning, it will be ready for 1 or 2 p.m.. You can also prepare it during the day, store it in the fridge and use it the next morning. Cook for 40 minutes at 180°-190°C, close valve, open it slowly after the first 25 minutes. When they are cooked, place in the proper tools and turn them upside down.

Alessandro Forbicini

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