Norcia black truffle pan brioche


water g 180
pressed yeast g 75
sugar g 10
flour g 300

Knead and make a sphere. Make a cross cut and put in a warm place to leaven. After 30 minutes make the knead.


whole biga g 550
strong flour for baking products g 2.000
wholemeal flour for baking products g 200
skimmed milk powder g 60
malt powder g 20
sugar g 70
butter g 400
olive oil g 100
grated Norcia truffle g 120
truffle flavour 1/2 cap
salt g 40
grated Parmesan g 100
egg g 300
yolk g 250
fresh cream g 100
glucose g 30
water g 450

Knead like a brioche. At the half of the kneading add the grated truffle and Parmesan. Combine the liquids and the fats slowly and control the right texture with water. When the knead is ready place it on the table and let it rest for 20 minutes. Then store in the fridge for 30 minutes. Share the dough in 6 equal parts, make some spheres and line them up on the table. After 10 minutes place in the moulds and let them leaven at room temperature. It takes about 2,30 hours. Then brown them and make a thin cut around the mould. Cook at 180°C for 40-45 minutes, close valve for the first 30 minutes, then half open. When they are cooked, turn upside down in the proper tools.

Alessandro Forbicini

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