Norcia black truffle gastronomic savarin


pressed yeast g 70
milk g 90
flour g 50
Manitoba flour g 100

Make the biga and let leaven at 28°C.


whole biga g 300
Manitoba flour g 850
milk powder g 30
malt powder g 10
sugar g 45
concentrated sugar g 250
grated Norcia black truffle g 40
truffle flavour 1/2 cap
salt g 25
egg n. 12
yolks n. 6
grated lemon n. 1/2
fresh milk g 50

Make the knead combining the egg slowly and the butter only at the end. Control the texture with the milk and let it leaven at 28°C.
Make some spheres and let rest. Make a hole in the middle of them and place in the moulds. Let leaven at 28°C. Cook at 220°C, close valve. Take out from the oven and place them over grills lined with paper. Garnish as pleasure.

Alessandro Forbicini

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