Herb of grace-perfumed slug ravioli


slug, cleaned and shelled g 400
young veal brains g 50
vegetable mirepoix g 100
butter g 50
olive oil, spoon n. 3
shallot, chopped g 50
spinach in leaves g 50
white wine, glass n. 1
salt and pepper as needed
veal broth dl 1
garlic, chopped as needed
herb of grace as needed

Shell the slugs and boil for 1 hour in plenty of salted and aromatic water; let aside 6 slugs per person and put the others in a pan with the oil and the chopped shallot; let brown and evaporate with the white wine. Cook for some minutes, adding the broth. Then add the brains and the spinaches, cook for 2 minutes, add salt and pepper, chop the mixture coarsely with the knife and let cool for a while.

For the ravioli

flour 00 g 250
yolk n. 7
whole egg n. 1
olive oil, spoon  n. 1

Put the egg, the yolks and the oil; knead until you have obtained a thin and homogeneous dough. Let rest for at least 1 hour before working it.

Working the dough very thin, make some round ravioli and cook them in plenty salted water. Melt the butter in a pan for the sauce, add the broth, the mirepoix, the chopped garlic and cook the ravioli together with the whole slugs. Serve in the plates and then sprinkle with the chopped herb of grace.

Walter Eynard
Flipot Restaurant, Torre Pellice (To), Italy
Photo by Remo Caffaro

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