Cocoa black ravioli with vegetables and Fossa cheese

For the dough

flour g 250
bitter cocoa g 35
salt g 4
water g 80-100
egg n. 2

Knead all the ingredients, spread on 40x60 plexiglass and put in a fridge for at least 5 hours. Roll out the dough, or with a cutting machine, to 1,2 mm thick, cut with a 12 cm round dough cutter and close as a half-moon.


leek g 200
carrot g 200
courgette g 200
butte g 100
salt and pepper q.b.
liquid cream g 70
sheep ricotta cheese g 500
egg n. 1

Cut the vegetables in small sticks and cook them slowly in a saucepan with a base on melted butter. When they are cooked, combine the liquid cream and cook again for 10 more minutes; let them cool and incorporate the mixture with the ricotta cheese and the egg. With a sac-à-poche fill the discs with cocoa paste. Cook in plenty salted water and stir-fry in a pan with melted butter, place them in the plate and put some flakes of Fossa cheese over them.

Roberto Rinaldini – Rimini
Photo di Elisabetta Acquaviva

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