Grape must doughnut


yeast flour g 1.000
brewer’s yeast g  50
sugar g  150
olive oil g  150
grape must g  500
salt g 6
malt  g  10
lemon juice and grated rind n. 1/4
water  g  40
raisin  g 250

This is a typical baked sweet from Lazio region with yeasted dough with no eggs and fats: it is very fragrant thanks to the grape must and lemon. The must has to be preserved into the fridge and used at room temperature and, if needed, lightly warmed. When the dough is ready combine the raisin, then turn off the machine and let it rest for about 20-30 minutes; put into the fridge and then work it the following day, or work it immediately following these instructions. Split the dough in many loaves over a oily and floured table, then with the hand palm make them thinner until they reach a length of 10-11 cm and a width of 1,5 cm. Make the doughnuts and lay them in a pan previously lined with tinfoil. Put the sheets in the oven and cook at 28-30°C and related moisture. When they are leavened cook at 210°C with close valve and open it at the end. Paint them with the icing obtained with cold water, icing sugar and flavours.

Alessandro Forbicini

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