Grape bread

Flour for leavened products g 350
Brewer’s yeast g 60
Grape juice g 100
Water  g 80

Make the dough, cover it and put in a hot place: it has to triple his volume. Then put it in the second dough. Let it leaven for 30 minutes.

2nd Dough

flour for leavened products g 500
sugar g 50
butter g 50
egg g 150
mother yeast g 300
grape juice g 150

Prepare the dough by inserting the biga and the mother yeast, control the texture with the grape juice. Let it leaven for 40 minutes covered and in a hot place.


flour for leavened products g 1.500
sugar g 150
yolk  g 200
concentrated sweetened milk g 150
grape juice g 350
butter g 150
vanillin as needed
lemon juice and grated rind n. 1
Panettone flavour, drop as needed
Champagne paste g 25
malt powder g 25
olive oil g 50
water as needed
raisin  g 800
salt  g 20-25

Make a dough with all the ingredients, arranging the texture with water. Insert the second dough. At the end of the kneading combine the raisins previously mixed with the oil. Leave the paste in the machine for 20 minutes.
These are delicious leavened baked sweets, kneaded with grape juice (fresh or pastorized), with the juice from one lemon, concentrated sweetened milk, and champagne paste, enriched with raisins and other ingredients.
With regards to the raisin I suggest to clean it and to sift it to remove possible impurity and then leave it to soak in a bowl with hot wine for 20 minutes, then drain and lay in a pan previously lined with oven sheet and put it in a stove to dry. The olive oil mentioned in the ingredients list has to be mixed with the raisin and the whole mixture combined with the dough once kneaded. Then you have to put it in the fridge inside a covered oily bowl. Usually I cook the grape breads in the plum-cake shaped moulds. This dough can be used also for plaits, maritozzi and veneziane.
In the second dough “mother yeast”, is mentioned. If you don’t have it you can use the bitter mother, the natural yeast or the paste left over from another previous dough. When the making is finished, leave the paste in the machine for 20 minutes, then take it out, make a sphere and put it in the stove to leaven at 28°-30°C for 40 minutes, then at room temperature for 20 more minutes. With oily hands make many small balls of the size you desire and lay them in the moulds. Put again the pieces into the stove at 28°-30°C, switch it off a bit earlier than finishing time. Cook at 180°-190°C with close valve. If you want yo can pass them through the almond paste.

Alessandro Forbicini

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