Panone from Bologna

For the base

flour g 1.000
sugar g 600
toasted almond  g 500
toasted walnut g 100
toasted hazelnut  g 100
toasted pine kernel g 100
dried fig g 500
raisin g 600
butter g 200
honey g 200
quince jam g 500
mixed candied fruit  g 500
fondant chocolate  g 200
cocoa g 50
sweet wine  g 1.000
yeast  g 60
whole egg  g 240
vanilla pod  n. 4
spices for vin brûlé
orange sauce

Bring to boil the wine with the spices, then add the figs cut in small cubes and the chopped candied fruits. The following day, put in the mixer (kneading machine) all the other ingredients and the wine and spices mixture, taking care to coarsely chop the dry fruits. When the knead is ready, place the dough in aluminium moulds, level them and garnish with candied fruit pieces and grilled or toasted dry fruits. Put in the oven at 170°C for about 40-50 minutes, depending on the mould size. Take it off the oven and wet/soak with the orange sauce. When the sweet is cold, sprinkle it with honey.
This is the typical Christmas sweet of the Bolognese countryside

Gino Fabbri - Bologna
Photo Giancarlo Bononi

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Panone from Bologna