Meliga pastries - A tasty classic
Meliga pastries are a part of the Piedmontese confectionary tradition, and are valued for their simplicity and authenticity. This classic product can be renewed with a partial covering of chocolate or with special packaging. “This speciality has always been popular among the clientele - explains Francesco Ciocatto, owner of the two Gerla shops in Turin - and it can be exalted by using appropriate packaging – perhaps a box with straw paper and ears of wheat for effect”.

Butter 450g
Sugar 500g
Eggs 5
Anisette 200g
Soft flour 500g
Vanilla-lemon flavouring a.r.

Amalgamate butter, eggs and sugar, then add flour and knead for a few minutes. Allow to rest in the fridge. Use a syringe to create pastry strips (fig. 1). Cut the pieces into small rectangles (fig.2) and give them their classic circular shape (fig. 3). Oven bake at 200°C for circa 15 minutes.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Francesco Ciocatto
Gerla Confectionary – Torino
Torino Chocolatiers Consortium

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