Pandolce, a tradition from Genoa

For the base

butter g 2,500
sugar g 2,000
full-cream milk, warm  L 2
manitoba flour g 4,500
flour g 1,500
dry yeast g 170
raisins g 5,000
candied orange skin g 1,500
candied cider, in cubes g 500
roasted hazelnuts, in grains g 700
pisa pine kernel g 500
whole eggs n. 6
table salt g 15
orange-flower aroma as needed

Knead in the following order butter, sugar, milk, salt, yeast and eggs for 10 minutes; add the fruits, mix well and make some 1,100 g specklings. Let them leaven and cook for 45-55 minutes at 180°C.

Antonio Le Rose
Photo by Merlo

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