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Coccola (cuddle). Chocolate mousse and mascarpone and vanillla cream

Chocolate mousse cream, mascarpone and vanilla cream, and dark chocolate glaze.
By Gino Fabbri Pasticcere
Ph G. Bononi

Chocolate mousse cream

100 g water
250 g sugar
200 g egg yolks
1,000 gmascarpone
700 g cream
440 g dark chocolate 61% cocoa

Prepare the pâte à bombe by beating the egg yolks until they whiten. Heat sugar and water to 121°C, then pour slowly onto the previous whipped mixture and leave to cool. Melt the chocolate and fold into the pâte à bombe using a spatula. Add the cream to the chocolate mixture in three times to get the best emulsion. Pour.

Mascarpone and vanilla cream

80 g water
250 gsugar
200 g gg yolks
2 vanilla beans
13 g gold gelatin
40 g mascarpone
900 g cream

Prepare the pâte à bombe by beating the egg yolks until they whiten Then heat the sugar, water and extruded vanilla to 121°C. Pour slowly onto the whipped mixture and leave to cool Soften the gelatin in cold water and dissolve Semi-whip the mascarpone and cream and fold the two mixtures together. Pour and blast chill.


450 g cream
636 g dark chocolate 61% cocoa
2 g gold gelatin
1,200 g neutra gelatin

Boil cream, pour onto chocolate and mix adding the softened gelatin Heat the neutral gelatin to 70°C and mix into the rest. Blast chill and store Use at 30°/40°C.

Gino Fabbri Pasticcere

photo Giancarlo Bononi


Tags: chocolate, cake, vanilla, mascarpone

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