Sacher fantasia





Cake base

butter g 440
caster sugar g 440
orange liquor g 40
vanilla pod n. 1
ground toasted hazelnuts g 140
cocoa g 60
egg yolks g 140
eggs g 340
sugar g 150
starch g 200
weak flour g 200
baking powder g 10

Make a cream from the butter, sugar, liquor, and vanilla; beat the egg yolks, eggs, and sugar; amalgamate the two masses. Sift the starch, flour, baking powder, hazelnuts and cocoa; mix the lot using a spatula and pour into a greased and floured cake tin to 2/3 of the 4 cm high mould. Bake at 160°-170°C for 25-28 minutes, valve open.

Butter ganache

dark chocolate at 45°C g 500
butter g 500
peanut oil g 50

Mix the three ingredients together; the ganache cream should be tempered like the chocolate, and it is the same mass used for the filling.

Orange soak

orange juice g 200
sugar g 100
orange liquor g 40

Mix everything cold; filter with a sieve and let it stand for two hours before use. Store in the refrigerator.

Position the cake rings on a pie-dish covered with a sheet of paper. Place a strip of acetate around the circumference, then a layer of cake soaked with orange liquor on the bottom, followed by a layer of raspberry jam, one of cake soaked in orange liquor, a layer of butter ganache, and complete with a layer of soaked sponge covered with a thin layer of ganache. Blast chill to stabilize; then cover the ring with clingfilm and place in the freezer. When required, add icing and store at 4°C. A sweet that keeps well.

Iginio Massari
Pasticceria Veneto, Brescia
Photo Giancarlo Bononi

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