Chocolate and mint financier
4 portions

flour g 61
yeast powder (teaspoon) n. 1
grounded ginger (teaspoon) n. 1/2
grounded cinnamon (teaspoon) n. 1/2
soft unsalted butter g 57
icing sugar g 28
whole egg g 188
fresh mint, finely chopped (teaspoon) n. 1/2
crystallized ginger, flakes (cteaspoon) n. 3/4
chocolate drop g 28
bitter chocolate (melted and cooled down to room temperature) g 28

Heat up the oven to 200°C. Prepare four bread moulds of 7,5x12,5 cm.
Sift together flour, yeast, ginger and cinnamon.
Put the butter and the icing sugar in a mixer. Beat at medium speed to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Pick up the cream from the bowl’s sides and slowly add the eggs with mixing at low speed. Carry on working it at medium speed until the mixture is well combined.
Add the chopped mint and mix to combine well. Incorporate the dry sifted ingredients and the crystallized ginger. Blend at low speed to combine it all. Remove the bowl from the mixer and mix vigorously to eliminate any possible lumps. Add the chocolate drops and mix until they are well combined.
Pour the mixture inside the moulds and bake for 18-22 minutes.

Philippe Conticini
Peltier - Parigi

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