Chocolate and cinnamon biscuit

egg yolks g 128
almond powder  g 70
hazelnut powder g  30
icing sugar g 100
cinnamon powder g 1
salted butter g 80
sugar g 40
flour g 25
cocoa powder g 20
salted butter g 25

Put in the mixer almond, hazelnut and cinnamon in powder with the icing sugar and the yolks. On a side prepare a meringue with the egg whites and the sugar. Combine 1/3 of meringue to the first mixture and add the sifted flour and the cocoa powder. Then incorporate the remaining meringue. Mix a small amount of the mixture with the salted butter and then add the remaining ingredients. Cook in the oven at 200°C.

Orange cream

orange juice g 96
orange extract g 32
orange rind n. 1/2
egg g 104
icing sugar g 40
gelatine g 15
butter g 180
Luxardo Orange Dry g 20

Pour in a saucepan the juice, the extract and the orange rind and heat up to boil. ON a side, blend the eggs, the icing sugar and the gelatine.
Add the first mixture to the second, put on the heat again and prepare a custard. Make it cool and incorporate the butter previously softened, Luxardo Orange Dry and well emulsify by hand. Pour in 40mm diameter and 20mm height flexipan moulds and put in the freezer to solidify.

Chocolate and caramel mousse

raw sugar g 56
cream 36% m.g. g 70
milk g 50
egg yolks g 78
milk chocolate g 230
gianduja chocolate g 87
cinnamon powder g 0,7
Luxardo Orange Dry g 33
cream 38% m.g. g 310
gelatine powder g 4

Pour the raw sugar in a saucepan and caramel it. Incorporate the cream and the milk previously boiled, to obtain a caramel cream. Add the egg yolks and prepare a custard. Well combine the gelatine previously melted, the milk chocolate, the gianduia chocolate and prepare a ganache. Add the cinnamon powder and Luxardo Orange Dry. Whip the cream and combine to the mixture.

Almond tiles

cream 38% m.g. g 48
butter g 48
sugar g 72
glucose g 24
orange honey g 24
candied orange g 24
almond flakes g 70

Put the cream, the butter, the sugar, the glucose and the orange honey in a saucepan and boil up to 110°C. Add the candied orange pieces and the almond flakes. On a silpat sheet create some decorative motives of 40mm diameter and pour the remaining ingredients, making a thin layer. Cook in oven at 180°C.

Punch Orange Dry

sugar syrup g 20
mineral water g 20
Luxardo Orange Dry g 20

Chocolate to spray

milk chocolate g 200
cocoa butter g 200

Melt the cocoa butter and blend it with the milk chocolate.

Pour the orange cream in flexipan moulds and put in the freezer to condensate. Cover a plate with silpat, put some rings and fill them up to half of the height with the chocolate and caramel mousse.
Add in each a layer of orange cream, another one of chocolate and caramel mousse, leaving to the top a space equal 1/8 of the height. Spread with almond tile pieces, close with the chocolate and cinnamon biscuit, soaked with Orange Dry punch. Put in the refrigerator to solidify. Remove the rings and spray with the suitable chocolate. Garnish with almond tiles, icing sugar and orange rinds compote.

Noboru Amanuma
Winner of the 10th Luxardo Grand Prix.  

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